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About Pazhassiraja Kerala Varma Pazhassiraja( 1753-1805) who belonged to the Kottayam royal family in the Kottayam( Malabar) region of the present Kannur District in Kerala was an epitome of courage and bravery as he took on the Mysore rulers and later the mighty East India Company.Pazhassiraja staunchly rebelled against the British and their atrocities against the natives of Kerala in the early years far before the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and made a name for himself in the history of Kerala. He can rightly be called Keralasimham ( Lion of Kerala) who has a pride of place among the pioneering patriots and early freedom fighters in South India.However for reasons unknown, in the annals of Indian History, his contributions have met with oblivion.

The arrival of Pazhassiraja Universal Public School is a historical and cultural course correction under the initiative of the Pazhassiraja educational and Charitable Trust which is devoted to perpetuating Pazhassi legacy in the field of human capital Development.
Pazhassiraja Educational & Charitable Trust The PAZHASSIRAJA EDUCATIONAL & CHARITABLE TRUST was formed by the members of Pazhassiraja family and a group of visionaries with a view to reinstate the essential and eternal values of life which are fast waning from the new generation. It is alarming to note that the new generation’s primary concern is for materialistic wealth, individual prosperity and security. The spirit of patriotism, communal harmony and sense of public welfare has faded from their minds. Looking back to the history of our country will definitely ignite the fire of patriotism in their minds.

With a view to restore the society on a healthier line, the Trust will run schools, medical & engineering colleges, hospitals in areas where such institutions do not exist, especially in rural and tribal areas. We believe that these institutions will certainly help to mark the beginning of a new and brighter society that respects the sacred values of life. We believe in laying the child’s foundation by emphasizing on moral values and traditions which have been handed down to us over the ages by our ancestors.
Our School Pazhassiraja Universal Public School, Kannankode, Balussery is an initiative of the Pazhassiraja Educational and Charitable Trust. The school which was founded in the year 2013, is running classes 1 to 10. (KG is covered separately in this brochure).

  • Sprawling green campus in a beautiful locale
  • Spacious and bright classrooms with healthy air supply
  • Fire & safety compliant building
  • Healthy teacher-student ratio
  • Professionally trained teachers with passion, good spoken and written skills in English language, sound experience and qualification as per CBSE norms
  • Smart board enabled classrooms
  • Excellent computer lab
  • Library and reading room with access to thousands of latest books, periodicals, student newspapers & weeklies and e-learning tools
  • Excellent health and physical education facilities ranging from yoga to archery, karate to skating
  • Unique CCA opportunities
  • Fresh veg lunch prepared in-house
  • Well-run transportation system with a fleet of 9 school vehicles
  • Good discipline balanced with student-friendly environment
  • Guidance and support from Pazhassiraja Educational and Charitable Trust with highly qualified and experienced professionals with proven track record abroad in the field of CBSE school education.
  • Excellent 100% results in the CBSE class X examination
  • Newspaper in Education (NIE), art integrated learning, holistic growth opportunities, diary-writing, public speaking, active participation in sporting events, observance and celebration of special days all through the year and openness to constructive suggestions of every parent.
  • Two excellent playgrounds with sound infrastructure and growing facilities for karate, basket ball, volley ball, shuttle, kho-kho, football, archery and skating. Also, facilities for dance, music, drawing & painting and crafts.
  • Value addition sessions in meditation, de-stressing, social responsibility initiatives, gender sensitivity, self-reliance, maturity, yoga, culinary art, environmental responsiveness, exam-readiness, team work, communication, presentation, compeering, spoken English, time management and EQ are also part of the school USPs.
Contact Address Pazhassiraja Universal Public School Kannankode, Eramangalam P.O, Balussery,Kozhikode, Kerala.
Pin Code : 673 612.